Can't live without it.

March 04, 2015

If there was ever a product that I could not live without on a daily basis, a product that has saved me countless times and eased my life, it's my Mary Square Smartphone Wristlet. I used to love to carry around my big designer handbags, just shove everything in there and go. But when life got busy, it was too tedious to find anything in the abyss! They usually have limited pockets and lack any organizational gadgets. I would have to dump all of my contents out regularly just to find my phone or lip gloss! Sunglasses, wallet? Forget about it. I would be foraging around for what seemed like hours while people in the checkout line behind me waited impatiently. That was my life...until I owned a Mary Square wristlet.

Now, if you are tied to your Micheal Kors bag, the wristlet can easily be slipped in and used as a highly versatile wallet, however why carry around that clunker when our wristlets are just as cute and 10x more functional. It carries all you need!

Not only is it cute and adds pop to my outfit, it's just so amazingly functional. I'm a busy mom of 3. My youngest is 3 years old and whenever we are out and about or running errands, he wants me to carry him. Well, what's a mom to do when I'm trying to walk into a store, put away my car keys and take a phone call, all while holding a toddler (a very heavy toddler, mind you). The answer is the wristlet. It leaves my handsfree to do what I need to do and at the checkout, my money and cards are neatly organized for easy reach. The wristlet strap goes around my wrist, my keys are clipped onto the trigger clasp of the strap, I throw my cell phone and lip gloss into the main compartment, all while my cards, cash and coins are stored neatly in the inside zipper pocket and 8 credit card slots. 

The classic and trendy patterns as well as the vibrant hues of the wristlet make it an attention getter. With 8 different combinations to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your style and matches every outfit! Instead of carrying a bulky purse, this wrislet allows me to have free hands, keeps me organized and saves my back (well except for the huge toddler I'm carrying around)!  

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