Wave After Wave...

March 24, 2015

My husband is from a small island in the Caribbean called Dominica. A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to visit his family for Spring Break. I've been there once before, but this time, the island stole my heart. I've never seen such beauty in real life. We visited waterfalls, mountains, rivers, and of course the beach!

Our favorite beach (Mero Beach) was on the Caribbean Sea side of the island. The sand is like black glitter (OH, HOW I LOVE GLITTER!) and the water is peaceful. One evening, I was sitting just at the edge of the water building sand castles with my boys at sunset. Every few seconds a wave of water would come in and brush over my feet and legs (and sometimes a big one would come and drench me!). As the waves kept coming, the Lord reminded me of a song. I lead worship at my home church and I've heard and sang this song A MILLION times, but suddenly it had new meaning.

They lyrics say "As your love in wave after wave crashes over me, crashes over me.." and THIS time when I sang them, I wept. Those waves on that beach were constant, never failing, you could always count on them coming ashore. God's love is constant, never failing, you can always count on it.

This past Sunday, I led worship and this song was at the top of the list! As I shared this story with my worship team, one of my sweet friends had a vision - that the waves of His love were like the waves in a storm and they would DRENCH us. YES AND AMEN, SISTER!!!

Coming from "Island Time" back to reality was an adjustment. And days like today when I may or may not have gotten a not-so-great call from the school because one of my boys threw a giant tantrum, can be overwhelming. When the storms of life come, I'll close my eyes and pretend I'm on a black glitter beach with the waves crashing over me and remind myself of His love.


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