We Are The Light of The World

April 14, 2015

I can’t help but notice the shock in an Embrace Grace girls’ face when I compliment her with a simple statement that seems so very obvious to me but for some reason, she had never heard about herself. I’m usually shocked myself that SHE is shocked! I mean really, no one has ever told you before that you are an amazing connector of people and a bridge to so many? No one has told you that you are very creative and are amazing at art and can express yourself in beautiful ways? No one has ever told you that you are great at speaking in front of a group of people and you are amazing at communication? No one has ever told you that you light up the room when you walk into it?

Shocked. Stunned. Blown away.

Serving in Embrace Grace, one of the biggest heart changes I’ve had is that I’ve realized so much how the world desperately craves light. These sweet and brave mommas that have chosen life, sometimes are living their life in darkness because of their home situation or their job or their relationships, but when they come into the light, the wall around their heart starts to come down, brick by brick. The light breaks through into those places where they have kept covered and hidden for so long. The light is powerful and it can penetrate through the darkest places.


To know the truth and fail to spread His love, Jesus says it’s like putting His light under a basket. We can’t just be a light inside the church and in our homes but we are to be His light everywhere we go. We can go into the darkest places and kick the devil out. We can be in the world but not of it. Hurting people are looking for light. They are drawn to it and pray for a sign of hope.

That’s one of the things I love about Mary Square products. Their tagline is “more than a gift.” It’s an added way to be a light by lovebombing people with gifts that mean something! Every one of their cute cell phone covers, journals, calendars, bags and so much more are a beautiful way to be a light to someone. Some of my favorite slogans they use on their products are:

Fearless • Isaiah 41:14


Stop Worrying. Start Praying • Philippians 4:6

Anything is possible • Mark 9:23

She believed she could so she did • Philippians 4:13


If someone lovebombed me with a gift like that, it would move me. It would change me. It would compel me to pull out my Bible and find the verse reference. If someone lovebombed a broken and hurting young momma that desperately was looking for a sign to choose life, it would change them. It would compel them to google the verse and pray and hope that God really is who He says He is. That’s what we have the power to do because God’s power and light is within us! We can’t contain it – we have to spread His love and light!


Embrace Grace is a 501c3 formed for the purpose to inspire and equip the church to love on single and pregnant mommies. They provide small group curriculum and materials for churches to host support systems for these moms. What if the church was a safe place to run to instead of away from when a young woman found herself with an unplanned pregnancy? Embrace Grace is currently in 84 churches and 26 states around the nation. For more information or to start a group at your local church, go to www.EmbraceGrace.com


Amy Ford

President, Co-Founder of Embrace Grace





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