3 Great Ways to Use Your Christian Stationery You've Never Considered Before

July 09, 2015

christian stationery Have you recently received a set of personalized stationery -- or are you simply planning on giving a new stationery set to someone important in your life as a gift?

If so, you're not alone. Stationery is one of the hallmarks of the Christian gifts market, an industry that generates an incredible $4.6 billion in annual revenues. This is because most American households -- about 88% -- already own a Bible, meaning stationery is a truly unique gift idea.

Believe it or not, a simple set of personalized stationery embellished with an inspirational verse or message can have many more uses than you think. Here are just three of the many ways you can put your unique Christian stationery designs to good use:

Thank you notes
When was the last time you sent someone in your life a thank you card after he or she performed a kind, generous gesture? With a customized Christian stationery set, you can send thanks to the people in your life and show your appreciation to those who deserve it. Even a small handwritten note of thanks can make a big difference in your friendships and relationships!

Planning a small church get-together or event? Your new stationery set can be the perfect way to send out personal, meaningful invites. When your friends and family receive a handwritten invite, they immediately feel as special and welcome as they ought to -- which means you'll be guaranteed to have plenty of guests at your event.

Church announcements
If you're an active member of your church community, a personalized Christian stationery set can be a great way to keep your fellow church-goers updated on special church announcements. No matter the occasion, your stationery set can be a unique and appreciated way of maintaining communications in your church.

Have any other good ideas to share for putting your inspirational stationery to good use? Want to know more about unique Christian gifts? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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