The 3 Best Reasons to Give Gifts to Your First-Time Church Visitors

July 13, 2015

wholesale christian giftsGiving unique inspirational gifts to our friends and family is highly popular among Americans. There are few better ways to express your appreciation for those who you hold dear. That's why the market for Christian gifts generates an incredible $4.6 billion each year!

But have you ever considered the idea of giving out gifts to first-time visitors to your church?

Whether it's a pen, an inspirational tumbler or mug or some new stationery, giving your church's first-time visitors a gift can be one of the best ways to make them feel welcome in your community. Here are just three of the top reasons why your church should give its visitors and guests wholesale Christian gifts:

Lets your guests know you have expected them
By buying wholesale Christian gifts in bulk and storing them at your church, you will always be prepared for a new visitor or guest to your services. It's a small, but significant indicator that you've been expecting the guest and that you're happy to see him or her at your church. There's no better way to thank him or her for taking the time to visit your church!

Invites them to come to your church again
When your guest brings home his or her gift, there will be an item with your church's name on it in his or her home. This keeps your church's name in your guest's minds, and can serve as a reminder to come back for another service. Before long, these one-time visitors will be a part of your thriving church community.

Makes a first impression they won't forget
Not many churches offer gifts to people who visit for their first service -- and people know this. As a result, giving a gift, no matter how small, will leave a lasting impression of your church as a welcoming community. When 62% of Americans say they wish they read Scripture more, visiting a church is one of the best ways to do so. To make your guests feel like they can truly call your church their own, a gift is the way to go.

Do you agree that giving gifts to church guests is a good idea? Have any other questions about choosing the best wholesale Christian and inspirational gifts? Share with us by leaving a comment below!

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