3 Perfect Back-to-School Gift Ideas for the Teachers in Your Life

August 13, 2015

unique christian giftsBack to school season is finally upon us. Within the coming weeks, many families will be preparing their children for a new school year filled with learning and fun.

Yet few families ever consider showing their kids' favorite teachers a token of their appreciation at this time of year. However, there's no better way to get the school year started on a high note by showing teachers how much their work matters.

Giving your child's favorite teachers a thoughtful gift is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get the school year off on the right foot. Here are three of our favorite gift ideas for teachers headed back to school:

A personalized mug
Did you know that the average American drinks three cups of coffee each day? That's a lot of coffee! A personalized mug that displays a meaningful quote or the teacher's initials is one of the best gifts to give to a teacher. Even if they don't drink coffee, teachers can use these mugs for tea or any other hot drink they prefer. Did we mention personalized mugs look great on a teacher's desk?

Customized stationery
Teachers write plenty of notes and reminders throughout the school day -- why make them settle for boring pieces of scrap paper? Giving your child's teacher a set of custom stationery is a thoughtful, practical gift. You can be guaranteed this gift will be used on a near-daily basis.

A unique Christian gift
If your child's teacher is an active member in your church community, unique Christian gifts are always a fabulous back-to-school gift idea. These days, the market for Christian gifts is absolutely massive, bringing in more than $4.6 billion in revenues each year. As a result, there's no shortage of meaningful gift options from which to choose.

Know of any other great gift ideas for teachers who are headed back to school within the next month? Have any other questions about finding unique Christian gifts? Let us know in the comments below.

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